How Long Does Banana Bread Last Unrefrigerated?

How long does banana bread last unrefrigerated depends on how it is stored! If it is stored properly, it will last up to four days at room temperature. Learn how to store it properly so that it lasts for months. 

freshly baked loaf of banana bread on a wooden cutting board

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This quick bread typically lasts for up to four days unrefrigerated. However, you can extend the shelf life of homemade banana bread if you store it correctly. As a baker myself, I know how frustrating it is for your bread to mold!

After all, we put a lot of time when baking fresh bread and we want to enjoy it for as long as possible. I am giving you everything I’ve learned on how to store banana bread properly so that it lasts longer at room temperature.

How Long Does Banana Bread Last Unrefrigerated?

If the banana bread is stored correctly, it can sit on the kitchen counter at room temperature for up to four days. However, this delicious treat can become stale and spoil faster than four days if it is not stored correctly.

Slices of banana bread on a plate. There is butter on one slice. There are sliced bananas and nuts on the table.

Signs To Tell Banana Bread is Expired

If your banana bread has been sitting on the counter for a couple of days and you are wondering whether or not it is safe to eat, here are a few signs of spoilage that show it is time to throw it in the trash:

  • There is visible mold. If there is any type of fuzzy mold on the bread, it needs to be thrown away! Since mold grows in spores, it is not safe to simply cut away the moldy parts and eat the rest. This applies to other foods, too. No matter what type of food it is, do not eat it if there is any mold. 
  • It smells unpleasant. Banana bread should never have an off smell. A bad smell signifies that the bread is expired and it’s time to throw it out.
  • The banana bread is mushy. This is due to the moisture content of the bread. Condensation can also cause it to become mushy. When it gets to this state, it is not pleasant to eat and there is no way to save it.

Homemade banana bread does not have an expiration date. However, a great way to tell if your baked goods are spoiled is if you see any of the signs that were listed above. If you do, your best bet is to throw it away and bake yourself a new loaf. 

A good rule of thumb that I follow in my household is: if you are questioning whether or not bread is expired, it is probably time to throw it out. 

banana bread that was baked in a cake pan. it is on parchment paper.

How To Keep It Fresher For Longer

If I had a superpower, I would want to be able to make food never expire, haha! Okay, that will probably never happen. However, there are ways to extend the shelf life of banana bread. 

  • Bake the Banana Bread All The Way Through. If the loaf is underbaked, then it can lead to a sunken middle. Underbaked banana bread has extra moisture in the middle which can lead to mold forming faster. 
  • Let the loaf cool down to room temperature. The best method to prevent spoilage is to let it cool down to get rid of the excess moisture. The excess moisture will speed up the spoilage of banana bread.
  • Store it in the correct container. Storing in an airtight container is the best way to prolong the banana bread’s shelf life. This type of container will keep moisture and air out.
  • Consider storing it in the fridge or freezer. If you don’t plan on eating the banana bread within the next couple of days, you can store it in the fridge or freezer for an extended period. 
slices of quick bread on a table. there are bananas next to it.

How To Store Banana Bread After Baking

All homemade bread loaves should be stored properly to prevent them from molding. Your freshly baked banana bread is no exception! If stored properly, it will stay fresher for longer. 

The best option to keep banana bread moist and fresh is to store it at room temperature on your counter.

The first step is to let your banana bread cool down to room temperature. You do not want to store it while it is still warm as the heat can create condensation. This gets trapped inside the container and can make your quick bread become mushy and encourage mold to appear faster.

After it cools down to room temperature, it is time to store it. To keep it fresh for longer, place two paper towels in the bottom of an airtight container. Then, place the loaf of banana bread on top and cover it with the lid. Make sure it is in a dry place with low humidity since humidity can encourage mold to grow.

You can leave the banana bread stored in this container at room temperature for up to four days. If you do not plan on eating it that quickly, you should consider placing it in the refrigerator or freezing it.

A slice of bread on a piece of parchment paper. There are nuts around it.

Store Banana Bread In The Fridge

If you do not plan on eating the banana bread within four days of baking, you can store it in the fridge. 

To store it in the fridge, wrap it in plastic wrap. This helps prevent the banana bread from drying. If you do not have plastic wrap, you can also use aluminum foil. Afterward, place it in an airtight container and place it in the fridge. It should last in the fridge for up to one week.

However, although this method is convenient, I do not recommend it as refrigeration can change the texture and moisture levels. Placing banana bread in the fridge will cause it to dry out faster. So, I always recommended storing it at room temperature first and then freezing it. 

homemade banana bread that will be stored in the fridge after it cools down.

How To Freeze Banana Bread

The good news is that leftover banana bread freezes very well! If you plan on making multiple loaves or you have some that you want to eat for another day, it is a good idea to freeze them. Not only does freezing prolong the shelf life, but you cannot tell the difference between a loaf that was frozen and one that was not.

Freezing a whole loaf of banana bread is very quick and easy to do. Once it is fully cooled down, wrap banana bread in plastic freezer wrap. Afterward, place it in a freezer bag and freeze. You can store it in any type of plastic bag as long as it is airtight.

A second option is to cut the bread into a couple of slices and freeze them individually. That way, you do not have to defrost an entire loaf to eat just one slice. Just make sure to wrap each piece in plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn.

To thaw, leave it in the fridge overnight or on the counter for two hours. You can serve it with frosting, glaze or any of these delicious banana bread side dishes.

Frozen banana bread will last in the freezer for up to three months as long as it is stored correctly. This method is perfect if you want to eat it at a later date.

bread with bananas next to it.


Can banana bread be left unrefrigerated?

Banana bread can be left unrefrigerated for up to four days.

How long can banana bread sit out?

If stored properly, banana bread can sit out at room temperature for four days. 

How can you tell if banana bread is still good?

Banana bread is still safe it eat as long as it doesn’t have any mold, unpleasant smell, or is mushy.

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