Sourdough Baking Conversion Chart

Want to make a sourdough recipe but you do not have a kitchen scale? No problem! Here is a baking conversion chart to make any sourdough recipe without a kitchen scale.

Free Printable Sourdough Baking Charts

Sourdough baking chart

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Measuring out all the ingredients for your baking recipes can be frustrating. This free sourdough conversion chart printable will help you measure your ingredients accurately so that your bakes are ALWAYS perfect.

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Sourdough Baking Conversion Charts

These measurements apply to all the recipes on this website.

Active Sourdough Starter

1/4 Cup50 Grams
1/3 Cup66 Grams
1/2 Cup100 Grams
1 Cup200 Grams
Active Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Discard

1/4 Cup72 Grams
1/3 Cup96 Grams
1/2 Cup144 Grams
1 Cup288 Grams
Sourdough Discard

Flour – All Purpose/Bread Flour

1/4 Cup30 Grams
1/3 Cup40 Grams
1/2 Cup60 Grams
1 Cup120 Grams
Flour – All Purpose/Bread Flour

Flour – Whole Wheat

1/4 Cup38 Grams
1/3 Cup50 Grams
1/2 Cup76 Grams
1 Cup152 Grams
Flour – Whole Wheat


1/4 Cup59 Grams
1/3 Cup78 Grams
1/2 Cup118 Grams
1 Cup236 Grams

Whole Milk

1/4 Cup57 Grams
1/3 Cup76 Grams
1/2 Cup113.5 Grams
1 Cup227 Grams
Whole Milk


1 Teaspoon4.6 Grams
1 Tablespoon14 Grams
1/4 Cup56 Grams
1/3 Cup75 Grams
1/2 Cup112 Grams
1 Cup224 Grams


1/4 Teaspoon1.2 Grams
1/2 Teaspoon2.4 Grams
1 Teaspoon4.8 Grams
1/4 Tablespoon3.6 Grams
1/2 Tablespoon7.2 Grams
1 Tablespoon14.4 Grams
Measuring cups and cutting board on a table

How To Measure Flour With Measuring Cups

The scoop and level technique is the best way to measure flour with measuring cups. 

  • Fluff the flour up by stirring it with a spoon.
  • With your spoon, scoop the flour into your measuring cup.
  • Then, use the straight edge of a butter knife to level off the top.

This should give you the most accurate flour measurement without using a kitchen scale.

all purpose bread flour in measuring cups.

Benefits of Using A Kitchen Scale

As a home baker myself, I know how exhausting it is to have to clean a dirty kitchen! So, if I can find a way to use less measuring cups and bowls, you know I’m going to do just that by using a kitchen scale.

Using a kitchen scale has lots of benefits:

  • Less clean up! No need to wash multiple measuring cups.
  • Most accurate way of measuring.
  • More consistent results
  • Measure all the ingredients in one bowl. Again, less cleanup.

I am lazy. I prefer to work smarter and not harder. Skip the measuring cups and use a kitchen scale instead. 

Ingredient Brands Used in Sourdough Baking Recipes

Different brands may yield different results. Here are the products I use in my kitchen.

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